Tentsile Nature Camp – an ecological and experiencefull forest hotel – offers carbon footprint friendly accommodation with high quality. The tree tents are placed by the sceneryfull view to Lake Matilda in Teijo National Park. Tentsile is a new alternative for traditional camping. It is nature friendly and will not leave any marks to the environment.

We want to offer this unique oppurtunity to hikers and travellers to experience authentism of the nature with a touch of natural luxury – ecoglamping. Tentsile is a safe way to enjoy the nature 24/7. It creates a dialog between the camper and the nature around, nature experience with unique sounds, smells and

The use of indoor toilet and shower are included.

Tree tent 1 night – price includes:

  • Tentsile-tent Stingray as reserved and Tentsile Trillium Hammock.
    (Trillium is designed for three people as a social get together, extra space for bags and it is situated under the sleeping tent)
  • Sleeping bags, pillows, sheep fur
  • Sleeping bag sheets, towels
  • Tent light
  • Fresh drinking water (Finnish tap water is the cleanest & best in the world.)
  • Indoor toilet & shower

Enjoy the silence and midnight sun all night long!